The symbiotic and long relationship between Geraldine Quinn and Evan Munro-Smith (Stupid Old Studios), with invaluable contributions from Bec Petraitis, has conspired to produce all the clips on this page, and many a promo video in between. All songs written by G.M. Quinn. All videos produced and directed by G.M. Quinn and editing by Evan Munro-Smith.

WARNING: Infrequent coarse language ('The Kid', 'Earnest', 'Best of Friends') and adult concepts ('Camel Toe')

Please note: contains one rude word (and also the word "breast" but it's in context)* First single from the multi-award-nominated 'MDMA: Modern Day Maiden Aunt' rock cabaret. Words and music by Geraldine Quinn (c) 2014, directed by G.M. Quinn with onset direction by Evan Munro-Smith and lighting by Kelli Reynolds. Available on the 'MDMA: Modern Day Maiden Aunt' LP.

'Earnest' is from Geraldine Quinn's sixth independent album 'Fox Poncing' (2017).

'The Great Invisible Woman' is from the 2015 album and show 'MDMA: Modern Day Maiden Aunt', which was nominated for eight awards in Australia/NZ, winning two (Best Cabaret 2015 New Zealand Fringe Festival, and the 2014 Best Cabaret Artiste Green Room Award in Australia). Available on the 'MDMA: Modern Day Maiden Aunt' LP.

Recorded in 2006, 'Best of Friends' was written about my relationship a good fellow-performer friend who I felt was putting up with a lot of Quinn-drama, and it's ended up being one of my favourite songs as far as my own songs go. Which is why even after a decade, I felt like it deserved a clip. Available on the 'A Quick One' EP.

Melbourne-based ponce-rock-cabaret idiot Geraldine Quinn's love song to Wellington, New Zealand. You can buy this one through Bandcamp! Do consider it, as it's the only way to pay for this silliness I do.

A non-album track from the 2010 show 'Shut Up & Sing' featuring Casey Bennetto as guest vocalist. Available on Soundcloud. Written, arranged and performed by G.M. Quinn.