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FLOOD. DISEASE. PENURY. And…DANDENONG. Quinn (The Whovians, Upper Middle Bogan, Spicks & Specks) has had an absolute dog of a run. She was hospitalised—twice—thanks to bad luck and the legacy of a 1986 Xanadu-related roller-skating accident. And then things got worse...and worse....and worse...until a furry little food-hoover came chewing and barking into her tiny ragged house and heart.

Queen Bitch is a new original cabaret about learning when to take crap, when not to take crap, and finding the love in picking up someone else’s crap.

Directed by Geraldine Hickey.

Warning—may contain dog hair


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NEON - Circus Oz
to Jan 28

NEON - Circus Oz

Created specifically for Ringwood, NEON is unapologetic, funny, and down right dirty dancing cabaret where circus meets comedy and song in an unforgivably big shoulder pads night out.

Join Australia's iconic Circus Oz under neon lights in the Spiegel Zelt,  as they celebrate everything trashy, glitzy and fabulously tragic about the 1980’s. 

Experience the 80’s in this jam packed 70 minutes of non stop energy, stunning acrobatic and aerial acts, breathtaking feats of circus, with a smattering Flashdance choreography in some rather uncomfortable gym wear.

Featuring an outrageous cast of multitalented circus artists and questionably fashionable MC, NEON is shamelessly inspired by the unforgettable songs, incredible fashion and unbridled optimism of the best decade ever.

It’s oh so tragically wrong, yet so wonderfully right.

*Warning: May contain hazardous levels of hair gel

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